Brendan Case

  • Associate Director for Research, The Human Flourishing Program, Harvard University


Brendan W. Case, Th.D., serves as the program's Associate Director for Research, working both to develop integrative research strategies that draw together explorations of human flourishing from across the social sciences and humanities, and to disseminate the Program's work through external partnerships and public events. Dr. Case is the author of *The Accountable Animal: Justice, Justification, and Judgment* (T&T Clark, 2021), and his work has appeared in journals such as Modern Theology, Franciscan Studies, and Pro Ecclesia. He has a number of works in-progress, including a monograph, *Robert Grosseteste's Supralapsarian Christology* (under contract with Lexham Press), and a longer-term project to develop a theological account of love that brings fundamental Christian convictions into conversation with classic debates in moral philosophy and contemporary debates in the social and behavioral sciences. Before coming to Harvard, he completed his Th.D. at Duke Divinity School, and served as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion.

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