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Justice / Social Sciences

Luke Glanville

Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations, Australian National University


I’m very much looking forward to the fuller version. Two things came to mind when reading this two page version:

  • I would be very interested to see Wolterstorff grapple with the global/international dimensions of justice - both with respect to the OT (e.g. Israel’s call to love the (often foreign) stranger; condemnations of the injustices of nations in Amos etc) and also today. I have drawn on Wolterstorff’s writing about justice & flourishing & (domestic) politics in my own work on these (international) issues, and would be eager to read his own thoughts on such international matters.
  • I would be very interested to see some explanation for why Wolterstorff explores justice by focusing on rights, rather than responsibilities. I wonder if focusing on responsibilities might enable a more comprehensive approach by enabling consideration of who in particular is required to secure the rights of others (a crucial issue in matters of environmental justice, refugees, etc).