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Justice / Humanities

Osam Temple

Philosophy, Bakke Graduate University

Formerly Professor of Philosophy, American University of Nigeria


Prof. Wolsterstorff’s emphasis on justice touches pertinent questions which I raise in my research. Today there is a huge church structure with tentacles spread across the globe. There are issues of gender and racial discrimination, unequal treatments, exploitation, gaps between the clergy and the laity, coercive practices and clash of cultures. Does the ordinary believer have access to the risen Christ? Justice and fairness were underlying reasons behind the Reformation. Should the Reformation continue?

It is imperative for Christian scholars to integrate faith and scholarship, but this is often difficult in certain contexts. The Ulpian formula grounds justice in rights. What are the rights of the Christian scholar and what is due to them within the context of the university system? To what extent will Christian academics go to ask for justice on the basis of their belief? To what extent can they get involved in academic competition and rivalries? What principles guide their relationship with colleagues, students and institutions? These questions require clarity in their understanding of the concepts of justice and fairness.